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Stone Wall Repair

We come from a long line of stonemasons, our owner is an 8th gen stonemason. Stone work is in our blood, O’Flaherty Stone & our family worked on many historical buildings in Ireland. We have the experience, skills and drive to complete any structural Stone Wall Repair!

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O'Flaherty Stone Masons

Our team of experts take pride in our position in the Irish stone market. We guarentee that each project is completed with locally sourced grainte from the Wicklow Mountains in Ireland. Over the years, we developed the highest level of skills in stone work. Together, O’Flaherty Stone and the family worked on buildings that you may recognise: 

brick wall repair
Brick Wall Repair
stone wall repair
Stone Wall Repair
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Block Wall Repair

Wall Repair Service

From €1,800‎

Homes that were built in the ‘50s through to the ‘70s are now experiencing a range of deterioration problems. During this period, houses and buildings were not built by qualified professionals, which resulted in the construction of poorly developed structures. Today, the weather, age and groundwater effects have caused an increase in demand of stone wall repair and pillar repair services. Here at O’Flaherty Stone, we offer a comprehensive stone building and wall repair service. Whether it’s the stone wall or pillar – we got you covered. Get in touch today to discuss your project.

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Pier/Pillar Capping Repair

From €600‎

We offer a Pier/Pillar Capping service for individuals looking for stone capping service to existing structures. Our team of professional stone masters are trained to deal with any stone-related problems, irrespective of the size of the job. No job is too big or small for O’Flaherty Stone. If you need any further information about the service, please contact us.

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The O'Flaherty Family

Fortune Favours The Brave

O’Flaherty (Middle Irish: Ua Flaithbertach; Modern Irish: Ó Flaithbheartaigh), is an Irish Gaelic clan, based most prominently in what is today County Galway. We are known as the Ferocious O’Flaherty’s.

The O’Flaherty lineage that brought us to where we are today was based in Saggart Co. Dublin and worked on the construction of Saggart Church in 1849. We take immense pride in our heritage and our family history of working in Masonry. Today, our owner Killian is the 8th generation of a line of stone masons dating back to the 1800s. His sister, Petra, is the first registered woman stone mason apprentice that Ireland has experienced in over 30 years!

Killian’s grandfather, Sean (the 6th generation), was a retired stone mason and bricklayer who often spoke about his life in the trade, the men he worked with, and even the Stone Mason language bear lorraigge. Fascinated by his family lineage, Killian gathered stories and images of the many generations of O’Flaherty stone masons. Today, Killian has images of his great-great-grandfather (Richard, the 4th generation) and great-grandfather (Thomas, the 5th generation). Additionally, Killian impressively collected a range of stories dating back to his 5x great-grandfather. The O’Flaherty family legacy of 8 generations working in masonry and its contribution to the inclusion of women in a largely male-based industry, is a fine representation of Irish history in the modern world.

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Ballyknockan, Co. Wicklow.

O’Flaherty Stone uses Irish Granite from the village of Ballyknockan. Situated on the western edge of a large granite band, extending from Dublin Bay to County Carlow in the Wicklow mountains, Ballyknockan granite quarries are deeply rooted in the stone-cutting history of Ireland since the 1800s.

Ballyknockan is often referred to as “The Granite Village” or “The Skeleton of Dublin”. Since 1823, when the village of Ballyknockan was established as a direct result of the Quarries of Ballyknockan, the term “The Skeleton of Dublin” was coined. Ballyknockan granite plays a huge role in the structural integrity of Ireland’s historical buildings. If you walked through Dublin City, it would be difficult to avoid a building made of Ballyknockan granite. The story of Ballyknockan is a Living History/Tradition, it has lasted Centuries while other stone communities dwindled. Its relative location to Dublin, coupled with its historical legacies and high-quality stone, Ballyknockan holds a deep and important position in Irish history.


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