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We recognise that our clients may have some questions relating to our Irish Granite Stone Based services. Our team of expert stone cutters listed & answered some of our FAQs below. 

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Please browse our Frequently Asked Questions below as there is some useful information in that helps our clients. We highly recommend that our first time clients take some time to read through the FAQs. O’Flaherty Stone is open Monday to Sunday, if your question is not answered below, please get in touch and a member of our staff will be in touch shortly. 

We use locally sourced Irish granite from the Wicklow mountains. This form of granite ranges from a bright grey to an oatmeal colour. Imported stone may come in other colours but doesn’t weather well and is not always a good choice, initially once installed they look may look great but this appearance soon deteriorates. The natural beauty of Irish granite adds warmth, character and a new level of elegance to any space, Homeowners have fallen in love with its distinctively unique look and durability. Businesses have found that it adds a “touch of class” to offices, clubs and retail settings.When you choose Ballyknockan Granite and the bespoke craftsmanship we offer, you will end up with a work in stone that won’t just last a few years, it will last several lifetimes.

When using locally sourced granite we cut down costs such as import fees, transportation and fuel costs and third party importers or middlemen. This industry in Ireland is a significant sector of the Irish economy. Though production levels significantly reduced due to importation in previous years, which thankfully now seems to be on the verge of growth once again and this industry is in a good position to expand if there is growth in the construction industry.


From an environmental point of view, not only does local stone stand up against its imported counterparts as it is durable in the local climate, using local raw materials allows for drastically reducing the environmental impact of construction, it is also vital as it provides jobs for the local community and investing in local businesses. This creates an effective partnership that allows local communities to thrive and continue into the future as the Irish Stone Masonry training and apprenticeship has been rejuvenated in the last number of years with new apprentices being taken on through Solas. When we use our own natural material, we keep our skills and our crafts here and bring the into the future.

No because every headstone is essentially a one of a kind and made by hand any shape or design is possible.
We repair stone walls and damaged stone pier capping/pillars, as well as weathered/damaged headstones. We can also repair and make safe damaged brick and block boundary walls such as garden or side entrance walls.
Yes we do, in fact we offer a subscription service where you make a once off payment, and we will provide maintenance and cleaning of the headstone twice a year, including fresh chippings. Some people may decide to have one at a birthday or anniversary and the other just before Christmas.
Our team of expert stone cutters specialise in working with stone; however, we also offer brick and block masonry work, for example repair of block walls.

We are 8th-generation Stone Masons/Stone Cutters based in Ballyknockan (“The Granite Village”). Nested in the Wicklow mountains, the O’Flaherty Family continues our historical family stone-cutting practices, keeping  The Granite Village traditions alive. 

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