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Vacant/Derelict House Restoration

Revitalise history with our expert Vacant/Derelict House Restoration services. We bring proven expertise & a commitment to excellence to every project. As 8-gen stonemasons, we know how to restore vacant/derelict properties better than any other Irish business.

You Can Trust O'Flaherty Stone

As a long-standing generational restoration company, we value & truly enjoy bringing timeless beauty back to vacant/derelict homes. Our team is skilled and experienced – we know what works and, more importantly, what doesn’t. We specialise in breathing new life into historical structures. Our specialised Vacant/Derelict House Restoration services go deeper than simply ‘renovating’ – we encapsulate a dedication to structural integrity, architectural preservation and strategic repair strategies. Here at O’, we treat your property like our own. The O’Flaherty family worked on some of Ireland’s famous historical buildings so, you can be sure that your restoration project is in Ireland’s safest hands. 

We understand that you want to know who will be working on your project, so, why not check out our interesting historical background? Our family have been proven innovators in the Irish restoration market for centuries.

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We Take Care of Everything

Sculpture & Stone Lettering


Sculpture and Stone Lettering

Full Assessment

Sculpture and Stone Lettering

All Trades Provided

Research & Planning

Derelict homes function as historical artifacts, encapsulating the essence of a bygone era. Before initiating a renovation project, our team deeply explores the property’s history & surroundings, underscoring the significance of understanding architectural styles, materials utilized, and historical context. This profound comprehension forms the basis for crafting a renovation strategy that pays homage to the house’s unique heritage.

Comprehensive Assessment

A comprehensive evaluation marks the initial phase of every renovation undertaking. We systematically assess the structural soundness of the abandoned dwelling, meticulously examining for indications of deterioration, water damage & any pressing issues demanding immediate attention. The objective is to guarantee a secure and robust foundation for the impending renovation.

Designing The Project

During this stage, the team at O’Flaherty Stone utilises our experienced insights to find a perfect balance between preserving the house’s inherent character and introducing modern functionality. Integrating sustainable design principles becomes paramount, enhancing the house’s energy efficiency and environmental  to the development of 3D models and 2D plans.

Trades & Materials

Revitalising a derelict house frequently entails procuring authentic materials & applying traditional construction methods. In this intricate process, we collaborate closely with our team of expert skilled trades, ensuring the restoration authentically encapsulates the essence of the original structure. We provide a comprehensive service, handling all trades & materials required for the renovation, emphasizing a seamless and high-quality restoration journey.

Integrate New Innovations

Like all of our services, we value historical preservation of Irish heritage however, we are innovators in the market whereby we work closely with our clients to find a perfect equilibrium between historical preservation and modern technologies. You can include anything you wish into your plans and we are skilled & experienced enough to make it work. 

Looking for Finance or Helpful Resources?

'Vacant Property Refurbishment' Irish Grant

Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage

The Vacant Property Refurbishment Grant offers financial support for individuals converting a vacant house or building into their permanent residence or a rental property.

Applicants can receive a grant of up to €50,000. In cases where the refurbishment costs surpass the standard grant, an additional top-up grant of up to €20,000 is accessible. Further details are provided below.

Ireland Citizen Advice

Looking for some help and guidence through the application process? The Irish Citizens Information created a guide full of helpful information regarding this subject.

Ireland Homes Energy Grants

As mentioned, you can incorporate a wide variety of modern technology and energy-efficient innovations into your restoration project. Why not check out if the SEAI grant.

Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage

A new pilot scheme was introduced by the Irish government. Feel free to check out if this grant could be useful to your project. 

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I am

Killian O'Flaherty

8th Gen Stonemason

I am an 8th Generation Stonemason / Stone Cutter. From the village of Ballyknockan (“The Granite Village”) in Wicklow, Ireland. Although I come from a long line of stonemason experts, I am the first stone cutter. Originally mentored by Tom Little, Today I am the proud owner of O’Flaherty Stone.



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