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200 years of Ballyknockan. A Living History

After winning an award during Heritage Week in Ireland and Presenting as a speaker at the event hosted at Trinity College Dublin, The Heritage Council kindly wrote a piece about the O’Flaherty Family. The feature delves into the 200 years of stonemasons in our family. 

Eight Generations of Stonemasons

Killian O’Flaherty and his sister Petra sit down with RTE Radio 1 to chat about life as 8 generation stonemasons in Ireland. We would like to thank the team at RTE for having us on!

No Stone Unturned

Stonemason Killian O’Flaherty wants to open up the craft to a whole new generation. Killian and Petra discussed business so far.

The Ferocious O’Flahertys

The Munster Express wrote a featured article about the O’Flaherty brother and sister, Killian & Petra. As 8th-gen stonemasons, the brother and sister chat about life as stone masters.